About Page New PicHey there!  Thanks for checking out my about page!  My name is Thomas Strock and I’ve been interested in business and entrepreneurship all my life.  However, considering I’m only 18 years old, that hasn’t been too long!  Nevertheless, in my 18 short years I’ve not only been interested in entrepreneurship, I’ve been involved in it.

My adventures in business formally started at the age of 12 when a children’s book I wrote, Tomato Turtle, was picked up by a national publisher.  I was extremely excited, however I had no idea that this would lead me to my true passion – not writing, but entrepreneurship!  What most people don’t know is that being an author isn’t what it appears to be in the movies!  A lot of the marketing work for the book is left up to the author – which would originally seem like a bad thing, however marketing a book is a lot like marketing a new business.  I learned a lot from that experience and had a lot of fun with it (and still do!).

Since discovering my love of entrepreneurship, I’ve went on to get involved with several different businesses some of which flopped completely, and some of which are making me some nice “spending money.”  However, my definition of “spending money” is completely different from the average teenager’s.  “Spending money” to me means money I can reinvest into my new and existing businesses!

I want this blog to be a continuous, live case study of my journey from making pennies per day to eventually making a full time living (and then some!) from my internet businesses.  In addition to having you follow along and see both my successes and my failures, I want to be able to show you what I’ve learned along the way and help you succeed with your online business ventures!

I am looking forward to my success and yours!  I’m ready to be the next Online Income Tycoon…are you with me?

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